Saturday, August 18, 2007

Optimus OLED keyboard

ALMOST TWO YEARS after Art Lebedev studio announced its Optimus keyboard concept, the project is now coming into the commercial arena.Even though much can be said about the changes developers made to the project, one cannot deny that this design is something that PC industry needed.The price is set at staggering $1564, and pre-orders will commence on May 20th. Estimated time of delivery is set for autumn this year, and we can say almost for sure that those guys will sell out first batch completely.

Optimus Maximus in all of its OLED glory. Then again, the original concept was somewhat more daring

This might be an expensive one, but when did you last hear about a keyboard that has active (luckily, silent) cooling?

So whose pockects are long enough to afford this gizmo. Not mine

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