Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Apple Preps New iPod Launch for Early September – Media Reports

Apple Inc., the maker of the world’s most popular digital media player, is rumoured to update the iPod lineup in early September, presenting a new breed of devices that will have improved operating system and, perhaps, feature-set.
Media reports from web-sites like Infinite Loop and Apple Insider claim that Apple is set to release a new breed of iPod digital music players with revamped user interface, which will resemble Mac OS X. While the details are not completely clear, it is rumoured that one of the new iPod’s to be introduced is the highly-anticipated touch-screen iPod, a gadget that is being talked about for more than a year.
Usage of Mac OS X on portable devices emphasizes Apple’s intention to unify its user interface across all consumer electronics and computer devices it ships, including Macintosh systems, Apple TV set-top-box, iPhone and iPod media players. This will give Apple an opportunity to offer its customers totally unified experience, which is likely to increase addiction to the brand by its customers.
The new iPod lineup is projected to be introduced on the 5th of September and some even expect the introduction to be massive and the new iPod gadgets to quickly become very popular among consumers.
Apple did not comment on the news-story.

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