Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nintendo Wii May Face Shortages

The popularity of the Nintendo Wii gaming console seems to be backfiring now. According to the Taiwanese Digitimes, the Japanese gaming giant failed to hit the previously planned production increase aimed at preventing the supply shortages.
It looks like the main issue lies with the supplies of some semiconductor chips and Wii PCBs. At first Nintendo intended to increase the console manufacturing volumes in June of this year. Now looks like this schedule need to be corrected. According to the above mentioned source, this problem will hardly be solved even in H2 2007.
And the reasons are pretty evident. Second half of the year is usually a hot season for electronics sales. It will be pretty challenging to get the component suppliers that are already overloaded with orders to increase their shipments additionally.
Despite stock shortages, Wii consoles have been bought by over 10 million people worldwide, and that's before it's even gone on sale in places like South America and parts of Asia. The Xbox 360 is still the biggest selling next-gen console, having launched a year earlier. But the Wii looks set to topple it in the next few months.

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