Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sony used for Blu-Ray patent infringement

Still reeling over its patent lawsuit with Immersion Corporation over the Playstation rumble technology, another tech firm has sued Sony because it claims Sony’s Blu-ray Disc infringes on its patents. Target Technology Company claims that it holds a patent for reflective layer materials in optical discs, and that Blu-ray Discs use the same technology without TTC’s permission. TTC alleges that its patent, which was filed in April 2004 and approved in March 2006, was deliberately and willfully infringed. It is seeking unspecified monetary damages and a permanent injunction against Sony. Although other companies are also responsible for BD replication, the suit only names Sony Computer Entertainment America, Sony Pictures, and Sony DADC as the defendants. Several months ago, Sony faced a similar patent headache over the Dual Shock rumble feature used in its Playstation and Playstation 2 controllers. Immersion Corporation claimed it owned patents that were used in the creation of the technology, leading Sony to pay $97 million in damages. Target does not specify in its suit whether it believes all of Sony’s Blu-ray discs infringe on its patent, or the suit applies to just a portion of the discs manufactured. The patent was filed in April of 2004 and granted in March of 2006. Yeah, developing new technologies doesn’t have to be that easy as it looks…

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