Friday, August 24, 2007

Toshiba Unveils World’s First 32GB Secure Digital Card

Toshiba Corp., a leading maker of consumer electronics, announced on Thursday its new Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory cards that can hold up to 32GB of data and are the first of their kind. The new cards will allow consumers to take loads of high-resolution photos or even shoot video with decent quality for a long time.
From now on, Toshiba’s lineup of SD cards includes 32GB and 16GB SDHC options as well as 8GB microSDHC card for tiny devices that support the recently unveiled high capacity standard for Secure Digital flash memory cards. The 16GB SDHC card will be available worldwide from October, and the 32GB SDHC card and 8GB microSDHC card will be launched worldwide in January next year, the company indicated.
The market for high-density memory cards is growing fast, driven by increasing demand for personal digital equipment able to handle motion pictures and high-resolution images. Demand for high-density microSDHC cards is expected to emerge in the mobile phone market, as on-board cameras advance multi-megapixel capacities, and demand for music and motion pictures are expanding as well.
Customers can fit up to 8000 photos made in 3840x2160 (8.4MP, 16:9) resolution on a 32GB SDHC card, which is considerably more than anyone pictures while on vacation. However, as digital cameras evolve and improve, the demand for memory cards larger than 4GB will pick up.
Pricing of the new cards was not touched upon by Toshiba at this time.

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