Thursday, September 27, 2007

AMD, Transitive to Help Enterprises to Migrate from Solaris, Sparc to Linux and x86-64

In an attempt to help enterprises with outdate software and hardware to migrate to more advanced servers, Advanced Micro Devices teamed up with Transitive, a provider of software tools. The partnership will help users of Sun SPARC/Solaris platforms to migrate to x86-64 or Linux servers.

The new technology partnership between Transitive and AMD will focus on assisting customers with enterprise datacenter hardware upgrade and consolidation projects, by creatively addressing the migration of legacy Sun SPARC applications to modern x86-based platforms.

Responding to the worldwide increase in the pace and scope of such datacenter consolidation and virtualization initiatives, Transitive’s agreement with AMD includes joint technical and marketing activities intended to help customers accelerate their datacenter hardware upgrades, by focusing on solving the key challenge of such projects, which is legacy application migration.

“AMD’s technology partnership with Transitive is designed to offer IT management alternatives to migrating their legacy application when considering datacenter hardware upgrades.

QuickTransit is an innovative solution that promises to accelerate the deployment of many hardware upgrade projects,” said Margaret Lewis, director, commercial solutions and software strategy for AMD.

Transitive will work with AMD to deliver solutions using Transitive’s QuickTransit products, which allow customers to quickly and easily run applications compiled for Solaris/SPARC platforms using AMD Opteron processors and other 64-bit x86 processors, without the need to modify any source code or binaries.

In addition to the popular QuickTransit for Solaris/SPARC-to-Linux/x86-64, the expanded Transitive relationship with AMD will also include the new QuickTransit for Solaris/SPARC-to-Solaris/x86-64, which is currently in beta release and is expected to be generally available in December 2007.

As part of the new technology and marketing partnership agreement, Transitive will collaborate with AMD in promoting solutions using QuickTransit products through a range of joint marketing activities, which commenced at VMworld 2007 with live QuickTransit demonstrations on AMD Opteron processor-based systems.

“Transitive’s partnership with AMD will help us more effectively support our many enterprise customers who plan to redeploy their legacy Solaris/SPARC applications on a broad range of faster and more cost-effective AMD Opteron-based platforms from Sun, HP and other vendors.

Working together with AMD, Transitive will help customers deploy our award-winning QuickTransit technology more rapidly, allowing a larger number of enterprise workloads to benefit from the increased business value offered by the latest generation x86 servers,” said Bob Wiederhold, CEO and president of Transitive.

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