Friday, October 5, 2007

Vertu Ascent Titanium Gets 3G, Camera, Worldwide Roaming

Vertu, a subsidiary of Nokia that makes luxurious cell phones, has announced its new Ascent Titanium collection of mobile phones that will boast not only with unique design, but with advanced features inside. For the first time Vertu phones will get a camera as well as proper Internet connectivity.

The new Vertu Ascent Ti phones are made of titanium and, like other Vertu phones, have leather insertions, sapphire crystal screen as well as precision-engineered stainless still keys. The new Ascent Ti is radically different from previous Vertu models, as it has large screen, ergonomic shape as well as joystick, but more importantly is that the new Vertu has quite a lot of features never before available on luxury cell phones.

Vertu Ascent Ti is based on a latest edition of Nokia 40 platform. Features 4GB of built-in memory, 3MP camera with flashlight, Bluetooth connectivity, certain pre-installed applications and so on. The new Ascent Ti phones will work almost everywhere in the world provided there are GSM850/900/1800/1900 or WCDMA2100 network coverage, another feature not available on previous-generation Vertu phones.

Even though the new high-end cell phone is made of metal, Nokia still advertises 5 hours GSM talk time, 3 hours WCDMA talk time and 300 hours of standby time for the device.

The manufacturer especially notices that Vertu Ascent Ti was “engineered for strength”, meaning that the phone can survive in tough situations. However, like all Vertu phones, the new one is focused around exceptional design and premium user experience with such additional services as concierge and fortress.

While currently Vertu still lists Ascent phones on its web-site, it is quite clear that eventually Ascent Ti will replace its predecessor. As a result, the new Ascent phones from Vertu is the first series of devices from the company that underwent a major redesign. Going forward, Vertu will inevitably perform facelifts for its Constellation and Signature collections, however, in case of the latter it will hardly be even nearly as radical as the redecoration of the Ascent.

Initially Vertu plans to sell three versions of the Ascent Ti with black, brown or red leather insertions for the price of about $6500.

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