Friday, February 29, 2008

Intel Ships New Xeon Processors for Embedded Applications

Intel Corp. on Wednesday announced a lineup of Intel Xeon microprocessors made using 45nm process technology for embedded applications. Additionally, the world’s largest maker of x86 chips announced that the new processors will have extended 7-year life cycle support.

The new central processing unit (CPU) lineup includes the quad-core Intel Xeon processor 5400-series and dual-core Intel Xeon processor 5200-series. These new processors, coupled with the new power-optimized Intel 5100 memory controller hub (MCH) chipset, comprise the first 45nm CPU platforms for thermally constrained bladed applications. When using the Intel 5000P chipset, the 45nm processors are ideal for full-performance and memory-intensive applications such as storage, routers, security and medical solutions, as well as communications applications such as IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS).

“We’re acutely aware of the performance demands and power consumption concerns of our customers and reached a remarkable 67% more compute performance-per-watt when we validated the Intel 5100 MCH chipset-based 45nm quad-core platform. In addition, the 45nm quad-core processors also allow for a 22% performance gain over previous-generation platforms within the same thermal profile, making it an excellent choice for compute-intensive applications such as IMS and platforms for storage, routers and security,” said Doug Davis, vice president and general manager of Intel’s embedded and communications group.

Intel is offering extended lifecycle support for 7 years for the dual-core Intel Xeon processor 5200-series (E5240, E5220, L5238) and the quad-core Intel Xeon processor 5400-series (E5440 and L5408). This represents an expansion from previous minimum support of 5 years.

The 45nm processors with extended lifecycle support are available today, and prices range from $321 to $690. The dual-core Intel Xeon processor L5238 at 35 watts will be available in April. The Intel 5100 MCH chipset is available today, starting at $76.

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