Sunday, March 9, 2008

ASUS Launches Eee PC with Microsoft Windows

Yesterday ASUS announced that very soon they would start shipping ASUS Eee PC with pre-installed Microsoft Windows XP instead of Linux. Pre-installed with Windows XP, the Eee PC provides an easy, convenient and fuss-free platform to seamlessly integrate multiple devices, applications and services.

In addition to the Windows operating system, consumers with the Eee PC will be able to access Windows Live, which is a set of personal Internet services and software to manage their online world more efficiently and safely. Some key features include Windows Live Mail, which consolidates all the various email accounts into one place on the user's desktop and eliminates multiple log-ins; Windows Live Messenger to help keep users connected with each other easily and instantly; Windows Live Photo Gallery that easily organizes, sends, posts and shares photos with friends and family; and Windows Live Family Safety, which offers built-in family safety features including safer browsing for children via Web site management.

Moreover, Windows-modifications of ASUS Eee PC will come bundled with Microsoft Works suite, which equips the user with numerous applications that include word processing, spreadsheet, database management and address books. However, unfortunately, not all language versions of the Eee PC will support Microsoft Works.

At this time ASUS doesn’t disclose any details on the Windows XP version that will be built into this ultra-portable notebook. However, it will evidently be a cut-down version of the OS. We also don’t know yet how installing Microsoft OS will affect the price of the solution. The schedule to release the XP Eee PC will be around early April if no delay occurs.

Pre-installed Windows is not the only innovation to be made in the Eee PC family. ASUS has already announced that they will make several improvements with the next generation of the Eee PC – dubbed the Eee PC 900. These new technologies will bring about a new concept for Internet access with 1GB of memory, larger storage of up to 12GB, and wider 8.9-inch screens.

These new Eee PCs will cost 399 Euro each, and will be available in summer this year – to select countries on the first wave of launch. All of these new models will be Windows ready.

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