Thursday, March 13, 2008

Asustek Unveils High-Definition Display with Web-Conferencing Capabilities

Large liquid crystal displays are often used by professionals who hardly require any communication capabilities out of their displays, but as huge panels lose price, even 24” monitors may pose interest to those requiring features like integrated webcam and audio outputs.

Specifically for these customers Asustek Computer – which is mostly known for its mainboards, but not displays – unveiled its MK241H monitor.

Asus MK241H monitor features TN panel with 1920x1200 native resolution that offers 3000:1 contrast ratio (with Asus smart contrast ratio enabled), 450 cd/m2 brightness, 2ms (grey-to-grey) refresh rate as well as 170° wide horizontal viewing angle and 160° vertical viewing angle.

The new monitor can be connected to a PC or other electronics using single-link/dual-link DVI-D cable or HDMI link. The monitor comes with built-in 1.3MP webcam (which should probably be connected to a PC using USB port), 2W speakers as well as earphone output and microphone input.

The manufacturer positions its new devices primarily for gamers, who want to watch each other during gameplay with the help of the company’s Splendid technology, however, the new MK241H product may also be used by normal end-users who demand to have a large screen, but require a built-in webcam for video conference calls. Advanced users, on the other hand, will hardly find this monitor a good option: usually demanding customers prefer S-PVA or S-IPS panels as well as webcams with resolutions exceeding 1.3MP.

The monitor, which is the only 24” display with integrated webcam, is projected to cost approximately $549.

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