Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nvidia and Via Plan to Offer Ultra-Mobile Platform - Report

After Intel Corp. started to promote its Intel Atom processors for ultra-mobile and low-cost devices it became clear that affordable mobile personal computers are here to stay. This may be a reason why Nvidia Corp. and Via Technologies have signed a secret pact under which they plan to offer platforms for low priced systems.

According to a news-story by DigiTimes web-site, Nvidia and Via Technologies had inked a “cooperation agreement”, under which Via C7 and C8 central processing units (CPUs) coupled with core-logic sets with built-in integrated graphics core from Nvidia will “form a new VN platform”.

The first products of the Via-Nvidia (VN) platform are projected to emerge on the market in Q1 2009, just a few months after Intel Atom-based devices are expected to hit the mass market.

Intel Centrino Atom platform features CPU, core-logic, graphics core as well as input/output controller, which essentially leaves behind all the companies that produce the aforementioned components. As a result, companies like Nvidia, Via, Silicon Integrated Systems and other will have to fight for their place on the market of mobile and handset systems.

Advanced Micro Devices, which is the world’s second supplier of x86 CPUs, a provider of graphics products and the main rival of Intel Corp., yet has to answer to Intel’s Atom. The company has been talking about its “x86 Everywhere” strategy for years, however, the company has not disclosed any plans to compete against Atom-based devices. However, this does not mean that AMD has no intentions to be inside portable computers.

Nvidia and Via did not comment on the news-story.

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