Friday, May 16, 2008

Nvidia Has No Plans to Take Over Via Technologies, Says Chief Exec

Nvidia Corp.’s chief executive said that despite of rumours the company has no intentions to acquire Via Technologies, a troubled designer of x86 microprocessors, graphics chips and core-logic sets. The head of the company stressed that Nvidia was solely a “visual computing company”, even though it has to collaborate with microprocessor developers in certain cases.

“They don’t need our money. I don’t need theirs. They’re doing fine. People want to create drama,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia’s CEO, in an interview with Cnet

Last month Nvidia and Via signed a pact under which Nvidia will develop a core-logic for Via’s low-cost central processing units. The platform is currently dubbed as “the world’s most affordable Vista Premium PC”, though, commercial name is unclear.

Even though many observers believe that Nvidia is looking forward to enter central processing units (CPUs) business in order to be able to sell its own platforms consisting of CPU, GPU and core-logic sets, the company itself claims that it wants to focus solely on graphics and visualization technologies.

“Our shtick is that we just focus on one thing. We said we’re a visual computing technology company and we're completely focused on this,” Mr. Huang said.

Still, Mr. Huang admitted that there are no computer devices without a central processing unit of any kind and that Nvidia needs to ensure that its GPUs are compatible with others’ CPUs.

“Wherever their processor capabilities intersect with our visual computing focus, we will support them. We support ARM, we support Power PC in the game console world, we support Hitachi SH in the automobile industry, we support Via in low-end PCs,” the chief exec of Nvidia said.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Huang has forgotten to mention that Nvidia also develops and sells core-logic sets that support microprocessors by Advanced Micro Devices and Intel Corp., the two companies that command the lion’s revenue share of microprocessor market. Although those core-logic sets bring tens of millions to Nvidia, they also enable multi-GPU SLI technology that enables several graphics cards work in tandem and is rather popular among computer enthusiasts, a type of users that influence purchasing decisions of the others.

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