Friday, June 20, 2008

AMD Denies Cancellation of New-Generation Dual-Core Chips

Advanced Micro Devices on Wednesday released a short statement claiming that it is still on-track to released dual-core processors based on current process technology and latest micro-architecture in the second half of the year. While the company’s claims clarify the situation from certain prospects, they also raise certain questions.

“The speculation is completely untrue. We’re still on track to launch a dual-core – code-named Kuma – part in the second half of 2008. It will be [made using] 65nm [process technology], still be based on the ‘Stars’ core. So, that's coming,” Jake Whitman, a spokesperson for Advanced Micro Devices is reported to have said.

On Tuesday a web-site published a news-story claiming that AMD had decided to cancel release of its code-named Kuma processor, which contained two processing engines, was based on the 10th generation AMD micro-architecture (K10) and made using 65nm process technology. According to the web-site, AMD planned to release the chip in July, 2008, whereas according to promises that the chipmaker made to its partners a year ago, the “AMD Phenom X2 dual-core processors” code-named Kuma were due in Q1 2008. Usually AMD uses the term “second half of the year” to indicate late third quarter or fourth quarter.

AMD did not provide any actual details regarding release of the code-named Kuma chips, however, implied that instead of the originally planned AMD Phenom X2 brand-name, the chips will carry a different name.

“We have never said anywhere along the lines that Kuma was somehow associated with Phenom. Dual-core Phenom? I’ve never seen that on a road map. We have never branded that code name,” Mr. Whitman reportedly added.

Even though the dual-core K10 chip made using 65nm fabrication process is still aimed at commercial release, its postponement from Q1, to July and now to even later date indicates that its potential may not satisfy AMD or the market requirements, which causes developer to rearrange its plans.

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