Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sony Readies Wiimote-Like Controlling Device for PlayStation 3 – Rumour

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. may be working on a Wiimote-like controller for its latest PlayStation 3 game console to target audience not currently interested in PS3. But while the details remain in the shadows, the reasons to develop such a controller are completely clear.

There are a lot of reasons to worry for Microsoft Corp. and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. now that Nintendo Wii is breaking its own sales records every month. There are numerous reasons for Wii popularity, but the main are orientation on casual gamers, motion sensing Wiimote controller and relatively low price. Obviously, Sony and Microsoft cannot refocus or reduce pricing of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 overnight, but add a new controller and several games aimed at children or occasional gamers is something they are capable off.

A rumour says that Sony contacted several PlayStation 3 owners who visit PlayStation Underground forums and offered them to participate in a test of a new motion-sensing PlayStation 3 controller early this year, reported blog in late May, which has been removed since then.

According to the post, the motion-sensing PS3 controllers needed a tripod, which connected to the PS3’s USB port and also needed to be set up in the middle of one’s gaming area, much like a “batter standing above home plate” in baseball. It is unclear whether the controller itself was actually wireless and whether it was the final version of the product.

The focus group was shown capabilities of the motion-sensitive PlayStation 3 game controller with several “mini-games” that ranged from tennis, to fencing, to paintball game. The demonstrator reportedly even used the controller to play Quake on his laptop.

Earlier this year it transpired that Microsoft Corp. had patented a motion-sensing device that could control a personal computer or a video game console. The supposedly easy-to-use device could well compete against Wii’s Wiimote on Xbox 360 platform.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. did not comment on the news-story.

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