Tuesday, December 30, 2008

IN BRIEF: Microsoft Windows 7 Impresses Early Adopters.

Microsoft Windows 7 beta version, which will be released to software developers in early 2009, is already available on certain torrent web-sites and early adopters are sharing their experience all around the Web.

According to Windows 7 beta 1 review at ZDNet web-site, the new operating system has completely revamped desktop with new taskbar and several new features that enhance user experience. In particular, Windows 7 sports Aero Snap feature, a gestures driven method of organizing Windows; Aero Peek, a feature that allows to quickly peek at what is on the desktop. In addition, Windows 7 is much more customizable than previous-generation operating systems from Microsoft.

Unfortunately, Windows 7 has considerably less built-in applications compared to predecessors: it does not include Windows Mail, Windows Messenger, Movie Maker and so on. However, these programs can be downloaded Windows Live Essentials. The OS still has Internet Explorer Paint, Wordpad, Media Player and so on integrated.

One of the most important things about Windows 7 is its compatibility with hardware and software.

“I’ve had no noteworthy issues relating to hardware, although drivers that officially support Windows 7 are still a while off so I’ve been sticking with Microsoft drivers. I expect hardware vendors to start getting Windows 7 drivers out soon after the official release of Windows 7,” said ZDNet reviewer Adrian Kingsley-Hughes.

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