Friday, December 12, 2008

Liquid cooling for MacBooks?

Found this while searching for some stuff on my desktop.

Apple is considering using liquid coolant to keep the temperature down on future MacBooks and other devices.

This is not the first time apple have tried this. In 2004 their PowerMac G5s came with liquid cooling, but this was short lived as the system was prone leaks. Apple ended up replacing many units claiming full responsibility.

Apple states...

"AI puts a significant increase in the computational performance of electronic devices of the past few years has made it harder to maintain acceptable internal and external operational temperatures in those devices."

We all know laptops are a lot harder to keep cool, especially with the performance that end users require, while still wanting to stay portable.
The blueprints are impressive. But I hope that Apple have learnt from their mistakes 4 years ago. None of us will want coolant to leak all over the guts of our computer and desk.

This is all just theory for now, but you may be hearing more about this soon.

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