Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ultra Quiet Xbox 360 Video Game Consoles Now Available

Microsoft Xbox 360 video game consoles are criticized by many gamers for being too hot and loud. The software giant has addressed the issues by introducing new versions of the consoles that consume less power and produce less noise, but many gamers are still not satisfied. But there is a way to get an utterly quiet Xbox 360: a maker of silent personal computers has just started selling them.

Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360 game consoles, which are available at, do not come in the original case, but are rebuilt inside Lian Li XB-01B cases that are available on the market. In order to further reduce noise levels of the video game system, the manufacturer utilizes anti-vibration fan mounts, coats optical disc drive with anti-acoustic material and also utilizes very high-quality fans from Scythe.

The rebuilt Microsoft Xbox 360 video game consoles should be much more quieter and, considering that Lian Li case for personal computers is still larger compared to the usual Xbox 360 case, much better cooled, compared to the original version.

Obviously, the re-built Xbox 360 is no longer covered by Microsoft Corp.’s warrantee, however, still provides full 360 days (one year) warranty on components itself.

“So if you have any problem within that time frame just let us know and we will take care of things,” the company claims on its web-site.

At present Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360 game consoles are not available from the company’s U.S.-based web-site, but they can be purchased from the UK, Germany or other European branches of Needless to say, silence does cost quite a lot, especially taking into account usage of rather expensive Lian Li case, Scythe fans and so on. In order to get utterly quiet Xbox 360, end-users have to pay €220 – €230/£220 ($283 - $315, depending on the country) price-premium over typical versions:

* UQ Xbox 360 Elite – €528/£452 (official price: €299.99/£229.99)
* UQ Xbox 360 Premium – €458/£392 (official price: €239.99/£169.99)
* UQ Xbox 360 Arcade – €411/£351 (official price: €179.99/£129.99)

In addition, offers gamers kits to reconstruct their Xbox 360 consoles themselves or factory rebuilding service for existing Xbox 360 consoles.

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