Friday, April 10, 2009

Windows 7 Build 7077 64-bit Leaked

That did not take long. Windows 7 build 7077 64-bit has been leaked only days after the initial appearance of the 32-bit edition of Windows 7 Build 7077 on P2P networks all over the globe. Thousands of users started downloading and spreading it immediately and the release is now well seeded on several sites with thousands of users distributing and downloading it.

The leaked version of Windows 7 Build 7077 64-bit has a size of 3.05 Gigabytes and the following filename: 077.0.090404-1255_x64fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRC1CULXFRER_EN_DVD.iso. The initial seeders were once again Russian users who always seem to be at the forefront when it comes to Windows 7 leaks.

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