Monday, June 15, 2009

Best mobile phones in the market today - Blackberry or Iphone or Android?

Like many sectors of business, the mobile phone industry has had to adjust and adapt to the recession and the changes in production that have been forced upon it. Against this a background, the mobile phone industry is continuing to try to attract customers with upgrades and application launches which it is hoped will keep the market as buoyant as possible. Smart phone sales continue to do well, and there has been fierce competition between manufacturers. The Blackberry Storm has been a huge success since its launch. Delivering the excellent e-mail facilities that the Blackberry brand are known for, they also manage to include Microsoft Office packages which allow users to continue to carry out business on the move. The package contains Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and the blackberry Storm enables cut and paste to make editing extremely easy. Other functions include an excellent media player, and as you would expect of a unit that is intended for business use, it has fast 3G connectivity, which allows users to surf the web at the same speed as they would on their home or office equipment. Built in GPS, combines with Blackberry maps allow easy route finding. Additionally, there is an excellent 3.2 megapixels camera, which includes autofocus, a touch screen, and a QWERTY keyboard which allows the user to input large amounts of information and store it on the 1GB of internal memory. There have one or two negative comments about the size of the unit which is larger and heavier than previous Blackberries, but the overall view has been extremely positive.

The Apple iPhone was one of the first smart phones on the market, and the new Apple iPhone 3G fills in some of the gaps that were missing in the original phone. It obviously has 3G connectivity, which was lacking in the original. This does mean that it is possible to surf the web on the large screen, which gives it the edge over other phones. The camera is very basic compared to other phones with no auto focus or zoom. It does have excellent satellite navigation, which includes pedestrian navigation, if you are looking for bars and cafes etc. There is also the huge range of applications available from the on line store, and the superb media player. The negatives of the iPhone need to be weighed up against the positives. The phone is still the most expensive on the market, and build quality is not as good as was hoped.

Similar to the iPhone, the Google Android uses a similar technology which allows the user to flick the screen to get to where they want to be. You can also hold your finger on a particular icon and a menu will pop up to allow you to fine tune your choice. In the browser window, you can drag a window around the screen to position it where it is best for you. The content behind is then shown in a smaller box which is magnified to allow easier viewing. There is also a dedicated search button. As you would expect, the Google Android comes with many Google applications including YouTube, Google Maps and G-Mail. There are huge numbers of applications to choose from, and the phone is fully integrated with Amazon allowing easy purchasing of digital music. The Google Android has the potential to be a major competitor in the market. Build quality again is an issue, but it may be that the Android, as it progresses may be the one to look out for. For more phone news, try cheap phones

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  1. i want ot say iphone is the best smartphones till now..Thanks for sharing