Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kingston Unveils Enormous Capacity USB Flash Drive: 256GB

Kingston Technology, a leading maker of flash and dynamic random access memory products, has unveiled yet another USB flash drive with incredible capacity of 256GB. The drive is currently the industry’s highest capacity USB stick available.

Kingston DataTraveler 300/256GB does not provide high transfer speeds: it can be read at 20MB/s and recorded at 10MB/s, which means that recording 256GB of data onto the flash drive will take approximately 7.1 hours. By contrast, Kingston DataTraveler HyperX supports a read speed of 25MB/s and write speed of 16MB/s, however, its capacities are “only” up to 32GB.

Kingston positions ultra-high capacity USB flash drives for those, who need rapid access to large collections of music and video or commercial databases while on the go. However, the price tag of roughly $1000 means that very few consumers or business users will be able to afford the device. Moreover, for even higher performance, it makes sense to install a solid-state drive into a notebook or desktop: it will be even faster and will cost a lot less.

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