Monday, August 24, 2009

Snow Leopard may be coming on August 28 after all

Just yesterday, we noted a number of details that suggested Snow Leopard would land earlier than expected, beating the announced September timeframe by a few days. After Apple's US online store briefly (and erroneously) listed the Snow Leopard version of the Mac Box Set for sale, late last night the UK Apple Store listed August 28 as the shipping date for Snow Leopard Up To Date discs.

The information spread to other online Apple Stores, including the US and Canada, before quickly being revised back to "September." Along with the other rumors and leaks, its seems as though this early ship date for Snow Leopard is either one of the worst-kept secrets at Apple (except possibly the long-rumored Apple tablet), or it's a series of deliberate leaks to generate buzz about Snow Leopard. We tend to think its the latter, but it wouldn't be the first time a few kinks appeared in Apple's well-oiled PR machine.

Either way, Snow Leopard is coming soon. With anticipation increasing, we would just like Apple to quit jerking us around already and let us know when it will be available. M'kay, Apple?

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