Saturday, August 8, 2009

Windows 7 Ultimate released to Beta testers on Connect

Microsoft has now released final RTM builds of 32 and 64 bit Windows 7 to technical beta-testers, with them each getting a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. This is exclusively for the 5,000 or so technical testers who received invitations onto the program from Microsoft, and not the people who downloaded the public beta.

Later, volume licencees and Software Assurance customers will be able to download it followed by Action Pack subscribers on August 23rd.

This marks a sad day for technical testers and those who downloaded the public beta. We’ll have to wait another two and half years to get something flaky that’ll crash our systems and cause driver errors. What’s more if Windows 8, and I predict that will be its name as 8 is a lucky number in the far east, is anything like Windows 7 in the beta, we won’t even get that luxury. Ho hum.

There are reports of slow downloads from some quarters but that’s only to be expected at this stage. Things will no doubt improve within a couple of days and Microsoft’s servers seem to be holding steady.

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