Thursday, July 15, 2010

Google Losing Market Share

Microsoft and Yahoo may have found a recipe to grab search engine market share from Google: Both sites exploit contextual search that tie content and related search together.

Google is still leading the U.S. market with a significant margin. According to Comscore, Google came in at 62.6% share in June, down 1.1 points from May. Yahoo gained 0.6 points to 18.9% and Microsoft’s Bing added 0.6 points to 12.7%. Comscore said that Americans conducted 16.4 billion searches in June, up 3% from May. Google Sites accounted for 10.3 billion searches (up 1%), followed by Yahoo! Sites with 3.1 billion (up 7%), Microsoft Sites with 2.1 billion (up 8%), Ask Network with 584 million (up 1%), and AOL with 368 million (up 2%).

Source: comscore and conceivablytech

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