Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Windows Phone 7

With the formal launch of Windows Phone 7 powered devices expected by October this year, NeoWin has had a tip that Microsoft Australia are arranging a launch event for late August.

So is this accurate?  Frankly there’s no reason to assume otherwise as enough handset manufacturers will be ‘almost’ ready by the time of this event and only five or six handsets will be required for an official launch.

Every day now there are new rumours surfacing and new handset prototype details leaked, it’s an exciting time for mobile communications.

NeoWin also report that FCC/Wi-Fi/SIG filings are now appearing all over the place as manufacturer’s step their work up a gear.

The next news to expect will be from the networks around the world.  Windows Phone 7 is expected to launch in Europe first and then in the US and Canada a couple of months later.  I myself am due a phone upgrade at Christmas so the timing couldn’t be better news and I’m looking forward to getting a Windows Phone 7 handset immensely.

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