Saturday, November 6, 2010

Firefox 4 Mobile Beta 2 Released

Mozilla today announced the second beta of Firefox 4 Mobile for Android and Maemo. The software has made substantial process and is now among the most attractive browsers for Android. It scores in performance and HTML 5 compliance tests. iPhone users may be jealous.

The first Firefox 4 Mobile Beta was a rather rough release and a browser that was easily trumped by other popular Android browsers such as Dolphin. However, the second beta is a different caliber and is, according to our preliminary test run the fastest mobile browser for Android. Since it is based on Firefox 4, is offers amazing HTML 5 support, which is on par with the desktop version.

The new beta has dropped in size substantially – from more than 40 MB for the installer to about 17 MB. Mozilla says that future versions will get rid of more weight. There is a new interface that is now much more integrated with Android. Firefox Sync is now supported as well, which allows you to bring your bookmarks through the cloud to the mobile browsers.

You can download the browser for Android or Maemo here. The Android version requires an OS version of 2.0 or higher. The required storage space is about 32 MB.

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