Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kingston Water-Cooled DDR3 Dual and Triple-channel Memory Kits Unveiled

Kingston has been a brand for all in terms of cheap memory offerings, but this time they revealed new reliable and quiet water-cooled DDR3 memory (dual and triple) kits  targeted for those hardcore gamers. Normally it won't come that cheap, but the company will give you three options for you to select what's within your budget.

Kingston's water-cooled memory kits will come in dual- and triple channels, accordingly it would include 4GB dual-channel kits, clocked at 2000MHz and 2133MHz, priced for $157.00 and $205.00 respectively. And the 6GB triple-channel option, which is clocked at 2000MHz will costs you $235.00.

So hardcore PC gamer out there what are you waiting for? If you want rigs tacked this water-wonder memory for a more optimized gaming experience why not grab it now, yet be ready to shed some extra bucks for the kit.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 3

Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 3 just got released. Mozilla is beginning to make more progress with its new JavaScript engine JaegerMonkey, which is now about 10% faster than the TraceMonkey engine that is integrated in Firefox today.

If we believe Mozilla’s latest crash report data, it may be the most stable Firefox 4 Beta to date. In fact, the data indicates that the browser is just as stable as the current 3.6.8. The fourth beta is already available as a nightly build and we noticed that Mozilla is making slow, but consistent progress to improve the performance of its new JavaScript engine. JaegerMonkey is now indicated to achieve a Sunspider performance of 596.2 ms, which is the first time Mozilla has broken the 600 ms mark. TraceMonkey is at 653.9 ms.

Mozilla still plans on releasing JaegerMonkey in September and it appears that the team has still quite a bit of work to do to take the engine below the stated goal of somewhere between 400 and 500 ms. In V8, JaegerMonkey comes in at 5916.4 ms vs. TraceMonkey’s 6623.4 ms. Google’s Chrome stands at 1670 ms, according to Mozilla.

Windows Phone 7

With the formal launch of Windows Phone 7 powered devices expected by October this year, NeoWin has had a tip that Microsoft Australia are arranging a launch event for late August.

So is this accurate?  Frankly there’s no reason to assume otherwise as enough handset manufacturers will be ‘almost’ ready by the time of this event and only five or six handsets will be required for an official launch.

Every day now there are new rumours surfacing and new handset prototype details leaked, it’s an exciting time for mobile communications.

NeoWin also report that FCC/Wi-Fi/SIG filings are now appearing all over the place as manufacturer’s step their work up a gear.

The next news to expect will be from the networks around the world.  Windows Phone 7 is expected to launch in Europe first and then in the US and Canada a couple of months later.  I myself am due a phone upgrade at Christmas so the timing couldn’t be better news and I’m looking forward to getting a Windows Phone 7 handset immensely.